CBG Technology

CBG Technology is master distributor of high performance Surge Protection Devices (SPD), Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and modular cooling systems.

  • These SPD devices protect sensitive electronic equipment and personnel from destructive transient over voltages originating from lightning strikes and line disturbances.
  • Our UPS systems range from 350VA to 60kVA available in standby, line interactive, online, and isolated online topologies. (Ups Selector)
  • Our Modular air conditioning protect critical electronics from high temperature environments
    • Can also be used to spot cool areas for personnel.


I am a small business owner offering lightning, surge protection, filtering and continuous clean power quality solutions. Primary markets are those with high reliance on automation and controls.

I have extensive experience managing technical initiatives around data center design, construction and power quality systems implementation.

I am committed to strong relationships with our customers, I understand you have many choices and hear from sales people all the time. I simply offer a foundation of excellence and integrity.


We believe that individuals should be competent and teams seasoned. That’s why CBG Technology is made up of the sharpest team members from various and related fields through our channel partner program.

This not only allows us to collaborate to find creative solutions but to serve a wide range of industries – including specialized ones.

If you would like to become one of our value-added partners, then click here to begin the conversation with our founder – Craig Brown.

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