Yes, we sell products from many manufacturers. But CBG Technology is really a services company. We’re hands-on, working to design mitigation systems that best fit your application. Whether you are a partner, a client of a partner, or someone we serve directly, an on-site visit and a recommendation are generally complementary and just a phone call away.


From the balcony, what’s going on, what’s the environment, what problems have you seen, what documentation do you have (infrastructure or service logs).


Facility walk down, asset identification and electrical configuration, identify your team participants, get electronically connected.


Identify system components, roll out plan and options.


We talk a lot about protecting “sensitive electronics.” So, I wanted to share just how tiny and delicate our electronic components are becoming and an example of how Moore’s Law has played out. Consider:

  • Today’s smartphones have more computing power than all of NASA did when it started sending astronauts to the moon.
  • At Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus event, the company’s Phil Schiller announced that the A8 chip inside the phones was made up of 2 billion transistors. That’s a lot of transistors – about twice as many found in Apple’s prior generation A7.

Smaller = More Sensitive = Harder to Protect … See Moore’s Law


IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization. Its Standard 1100-3.4.3 states:
“Electromechanical devices can generally tolerate voltages of several times their rating
for short durations… Solid-state devices cannot tolerate more than twice their normal rating.”

Transistors are the most sensitive critical component in today’s solid-state electronic chips. They act like tiny switches – and a voltage transient is their great nemesis. We often think about damage from a single catastrophic event. However, ring-wave transients are causing degradation every day. Almost all ring-wave transients are below the turn-on point of the avalanche diodes and MOVs used in panel-type surge suppressors on the market today. If a suppressor has only MOVs or diodes and no effective filter, it’s worthless against low-level transients.


Thunderstorms generate electricity as positively charged particles float to the top of the clouds and negative ones collect at the base. When the electrical field grows too strong, a flash of energy burns through the air at 60,000 miles per second to link the two regions.

Lightning can carry current of anywhere from 30,000 to 120,000 amps. That’s enough to kill you, melt your metal fence, and weld the gate shut.

Arkansas is ranked fifth in the country for lightning strikes. We average 799,034 strikes per year – 15 for every square mile. Check out how all the states rate. You can also see lightning as it’s happening with this real-time lightning map.

Agriculture – Agri-Shield

At CBG, we know that today, farm automation is key to healthy birds and top yields. Computer-controlled environments are rich with sensors to continually monitor tunnel fans, airflow, humidity, temperature, feed, water, and lighting. Electronic control systems support environmental controls, alarm systems, ventilation systems, water systems, and feed delivery systems. All of these factors combine to produce healthy flocks and hedge against disease.

The increasing dependency on sensitive controls technology demands continuous clean power.
Rural electric companies and backup generators provide the power in these lightning-prone areas.

If a generator fails and you lose tunnel fans in summer heat, you can probably kiss that flock goodbye. CBG Technology created the Agri-Shield system specifically for this market. Our equipment uses enhanced filtering technology that creates a shield for each component protecting the sensitive electronics and reducing the risk of flock mortality.


CBG Technology addresses power quality across several industries. We help clients who work in:

  • Metal fabrication
  • Food processing
  • Automation and control systems
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Banks
  • Storage facilities
  • Schools
  • Security
  • Fire alarm systems

We’ve also helped cool hot server rooms and install uninterruptable power supplies for medical, server, and networking equipment.

CBG Technology has reseller partners focusing on automation and controls, power quality, HVAC, network and security systems, and electrical service. We are always eager to help a reseller better serve their niche.

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of stuff and solved a lot of power problems. We work with everyone from small shops, schools and banks up to large industrial facilities.

CBG is more than a wholesale house. We look at the big picture, the operations and details of your shop and help you solve problems. Whether those issues are hard failures, intermittent issues like the need to reboot or reprogram PLCs, or noise from VFDs, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re ready to put a protection plan in place or if you’re experiencing some odd, hard-to-explain equipment issues, we can help. Check out our projects to learn more or give us a call at 479-244-0480.