CBG Technology is a master distributor of high-performance power quality and lightning-protection products. We’re an Arkansas-based company that provides continuous computer-grade power to extend the useful life of sensitive equipment like: Agricultural automation; Industrial motor and control systems; Process controllers; LED lighting; Data centers; Generators and automatic transfer switches.
We focus on products that are made in the USA and we offer the longest unconditional free replacement warranty in the industry.


Solid state devices cannot tolerate more than twice their normal current rating without being damaged. Power quality products with tight filtering are no longer an option – they’re a necessity.


Today’s sensitive electronics are dependent on continuous clean power and solid grounding. That clean power has to be free of the 10 common power problems that can harm your electronics and applications. Read more…


Our electronics-protection products dissipate and remove harmful transient voltages and noise that travels on electrical and signal circuits. The result? System performance and availability is improved. Operational maintenance and replacement costs are reduced. Many clients see payback in less than a year, certainly less than three years.


If you have systems that can never go down, a generator or at least an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will come into play. We can help you find the right UPS to protect your critical electronics. Read more…


Generators often support critical IT and automation loads. And those loads often have a small UPS to keep them up during electrical glitches. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Except not all UPS types work with a generator.


Implementation of mitigation equipment isn’t a product, It’s a well-thought-out system and a good investment. We see and protect equipment that is made all over the world. If we don’t know it, one of our industry partners will. Please call if you would like to become a partner.


Yes, we sell products from many manufacturers. But CBG Technology is really a services company. We’re hands-on, working to design mitigation systems that best fit your application. Whether you are a partner, a client of a partner, or someone we serve directly, an on-site visit and a recommendation are generally complementary and just a phone call away.


From the balcony, what’s going on, what’s the environment, what problems have you seen, what documentation do you have (infrastructure or service logs).


Facility walk down, asset identification and electrical configuration, identify your team participants, get electronically connected.


Identify system components, roll out plan and options.

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  • The results far exceeded our expectations and our unnecessary losses have been eliminated. The installation process is simple and the returns have been outstanding.

    Jack V Moyer - Vice President & General Manager
    Crescent Hotel & Spa; Basin Park Hotel
  • “Craig, We had an electrical issue…The CNC machines with your filtration system were completely protected. No damage! Your system worked great! Thanks!”

    Mike D.
  • “In my opinion every farm being built should have your protection specified in the contract”

    Rusty Russell President
    The Cole Agency