Haake Manufacturing


Haake Manufacturing

This precision sheet metal fabricator prides itself on state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch service. But like anyone else, Haake is susceptible to downtime. Its fiber optic lasers, robotic bending equipment, and CNC punching require special care.

Several years ago, CBG Technology worked with Haake to develop and install a surge protection and filtering system. It guards Haake’s sensitive equipment from lightning and internally generated transients. Reg Stockwell, president of Haake, approved the project. He told me, “We’ve had a couple of storm-related incidents. Customer service is our number-one priority, so missed deadlines are not an option.”

CBG heard that loud and clear. We did our thing, walk-throughs, diagrams, and recommendations. The project was moving forward through installation when the phone rang.

“Hi Craig, this is Mike at Haake. We were in the process of installing our TPS Surge Filtration system, had several CNC Machines and disconnects done, and we had another electrical event. The machines with the filtration installed were completely protected. No damage! Your system worked great! Thanks!”