Poultry Farm


Poultry Farm

In 2013, we began discussing lightning systems with a potential partner in the ag industry. They had a client whose farm got hit every time a storm passed. The potential partner told us, “If you can solve that problem, you‘ve got something.”

Together, we went to the drawing board and diagrammed every piece of electronic equipment on the farm and proposed a system. Voila! It worked, and the farm has been damage-free since installation.

Since then, the system design has matured as new products become available. We’ve done dozens and dozens of farm retrofits. Agri-Shield protects the farm systems from utility transients and lightning damage, period.

“Many of our poultry farms are in lightning-rich environments. Since partnering with CBG Technology, we have installed hundreds of units and had NO damage to our systems. They work great, protect our client’s investment and are replaced free if damaged by lightning.” Bill, poultry supply partner.