Summer heat brings higher risk of flock loss

Your back-up generator system is the only line of defense against power outages and catastrophic loss this summer. Is yours up to the task?

At CBG, we know that farm automation is key to healthy birds and top yields. Computer-controlled environments are rich with sensors to continually monitor tunnel fans, airflow, humidity, temperature, feed, water, and lighting. All these factors combine to produce healthy flocks and hedge against disease.

However, it’s crucial that you protect your broiler or breeder house back-up systems from surges. Otherwise, you may face a catastrophic loss. If a generator fails and you lose tunnel fans and static pressure controls in summer heat, you can probably kiss that flock goodbye.

It’s true that we don’t see as much lightning in the summer as we do in the spring. But brownouts and utility outages aren’t uncommon. And both of these scenarios are generally followed by a surge or spike in electricity. These surges can damage the control electronics that run your back-up systems and house controls.

Reduce your risk of loss

There are two main ways you can protect your back-up systems – and your operation.

The first is preventative maintenance. Schedule a visit with your equipment supplier so they can:

  • Check and tighten all lugs
  • Inspect fans
  • Check the water filters

The second mode of protection is high-quality surge protection. Make sure it’s installed on your:

  • Transfer switch
  • Generator battery charger
  • House electrical panels
  • House-to-house control systems
  • Internet connection

And make sure you check your grounding. it should all be bonded with less than 25 Ohms resistance to ground.

Protecting your flocks is a full-time job with no down time. Give us a call at 479-244-0480 to learn how CBG’s FarmGuard System defends your operation even when you’re away. We’ll help you take the extra steps to ensure a safe and profitable summer.