Protect your family from electric shock drowning

It seems every year we read of a drowning attributed to electricity. Generally, it happens in a lake or swimming pool. It’s attributed to 120 volts and current measured in milliamps. Anything over five milliamps can cause loss of muscular control.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. How does this happen?

Basically, for stray AC voltage to get into the water, there has to be an electrical fault and a fault in the safety ground. The water then carries the entire fault current since the grounding conductor is broken.

It takes only two volts AC per foot in fresh water to kill a swimmer. Learn more and check out a useful diagram in this article from Seaworthy.

We live on Table Rock Lake, and the recent floods have submerged portions of our dock electrical system. So, I began researching equipment that could detect this “stray voltage” and alert us to a potentially dangerous situation.

One product I found is the Shock Alarm. I ordered one from MFS Supply and look forward to testing it out. Keep in mind that CBG Technology does not sell these, guarantee them, or profit in any way from the company that makes or distributes them. I’m just looking to keep our family safe and thought it was certainly worth sharing. Consider this a public service announcement.

If you’ve found a good way to detect stray voltage, let me know. And here’s to everyone enjoying a fun and safe summer.